La Reina Day #2 – Stucco Day!

Another great day of building at La Reina. Not only are the houses being built, so are lasting relationships with the families and children.

The showers have been used heavily today back at the base, the entire team got varying amounts of stucco in their hair, on their arms, covering their clothes, and on the staff (mostly Dan and Jodi). Hopefully the stucco sticks on the houses as well as it has been sticking on the team!

We were challenged last night at devotions to consider if we merely believe in God, love God, or are truly in love with our Lord. If we are in love, the sacrifices that we sometimes view our service as immediately becomes a privelege. Another great thought that flows so well is that, “the thing that we spend the most time on is the thing that molds us most.” And being in love is the thing that one spends the most time on! John 17:20-23 🙂

God has wonderfully kept the rain off of us every time we have been out working, on both the medical clinics and now two consecutive building days. It has rained every night though once we are back at the base. Please pray that God will continue to bless his ministry here in the beautiful country of
Guatemala. Especially tomorrow as we begin the dedication process of the houses.

Thank you for your prayers!

The Team.


Great Building Day

We were able to get much building done today. The teams put up the interior and exterior walls. We also set the porch structure. Since it looked like it might rain tonight we rested the roof on top to protect the houses and tools. We were able to get a good start on the day (waking at 5:30 am!!!). Three of our houses are grouped together while three other houses are grouped together. This more houses than we usually build but this will be the last of the houses we build for this village.

The Guatemalans are beautiful people and are building the houses along side of us.

God gave us safety at the work site (only a couple minor cuts) and the travel.

Some of the teams finished earlier than others and came to help the teams that were still working. It was a great blessing and showed a lot of unity among the group.

We came back to a wonderful dinner and soon evening devotions will begin. Thanks for your prayers and support.

First Med Clinic

Today we had the wonderful opportunity to go into a small village of about 27 families to pass out toys, candy, and more importantly Bibles and meds. The clinic began by unloading and walking up a steep hill to a small, very run down school. Greeted by willing hands, we were able to quickly unload all the things we needed. After an hour of playing with the children and conversing with everyone, we set up shop in a classroom and began meeting the needs of each family that came in for medical help.

The most powerful time of the day came after passing out meds when we sat the entire group down to watch the Jesus movie. We continued by singing and inviting the people to accept Christ into their hearts, their homes, their entire lives. We’re happy to say that we were very successful tonight and many lives were changed and touched – including a lot of our own.



We are at the base! Everyone and their luggage made it through the airport/customs with no problems! Only the four speakers and their carriers got questioned. Nobody’s bags were x-rayed except those five crazy Jongekrijgs! All of the items we brought have been sorted and packed away for the week. Meds are being sorted for the clinics this weekend. Excited to see what the week brings:)

We love you all,


p.s. Mom(s) the curriculum has been sorted and set aside so you don’t have to worry anymore! We even used the correct bags:) love, Whit and Abbi:)